We have been asked a lot on what we are building at Vadoo.

Is Vadoo video compression technology

Is it similar to Piedpiper in Silicon Valley

How do we save so much bandwidth ?

So we have decided to write a comprehensive summary of what Vadoo is and how we are disrupting video streaming industry

Traditional Video Streaming

To understand how video streaming works, first we need to understand how videos are distributed in the present world. Video streaming platforms use CDNs to distribute their content. Now what is a CDN ?

Source :- https://www.themexpert.com/blog/cdn-service-make-joomla-website-load-faster

Content Delivery Network(CDN) use servers hosted at multiple edge locations closer to your laptop/mobile device to enable fast video streaming. Now how does this help ? Say you are streaming from India but your videos are currently living on a source say S3 bucket in USA, now the video packets have to travel multiple countries to reach your device and hence can result in a lot of buffering. Instead if you use a CDN, the content will be cached on a data-center near your location which helps improve the user experience. Thus a CDN network needs a lot of edge servers in different geographical locations similar to the figure above to help you stream content faster.

Distributing content through CDN has been the de-facto way to go for video streaming. But off-late CDN networks have been under pressure due to the explosion of consumption of video content. Covid-19 has accelerated the increase in consumption and we have not been prepared for it. Netflix and Amazon Prime had to reduce their video quality from HD to SD to decongest the internet.

Distributing content only through CDN providers has few limitations

  1. CDN costs are prohibitively expensive  
  2. Viewership spike can result in poor user experience due to buffering
  3. Poor reach of CDN to remote locations

CDN costs eat up-to more than 50% of the tech costs involved in video streaming and the high consumption pattern due to users staying at home during covid has led to lower ROI for the video streaming platforms. CDN costs are as high as 0.17$ per GB and it has become too big an entry barrier for startups building products in the video space.

Networks today are not designed to deal with the explosion in demand as can be seen from the figure and we are going to face severe bottlenecks in the coming few years.

With the advent of work from home, people have moved to remote locations where CDN coverage won't be as good as metropolitan cities leading to poor user experience while streaming videos.

An IPL match hosts more than 20 million concurrent users per session and this sudden spike in bandwidth consumption causes network congestion and continuous re-buffering or disconnection of client mobile/laptop devices

Video streaming using Vadoo

We at Vadoo are solving this problem of network overload using our proprietary hybrid P2P streaming and AI assisted compression

We come as an sdk for your video player with an integration not taking more than 10 minutes of time. You can check our simple integration from here.

Source :- https://www.wowza.com/resources/guides/p2p-unicast-streaming

With our sdk every user consuming the content helps in distributing the content with other peers watching the stream concurrently thereby bringing the edge now as close as to your neighbor. Our intelligent AI algorithm identifies the right set of peers based on location, network condition, bandwidth consumption and various other features. The user experience will be significantly improved due to the fact that the content is being served from your neighboring house than from a CDN data-center present at a remote location.

We have observed savings up-to 90% in the case of live streaming and up-to 55% in Video On Demand(VOD). We have seen lower buffering rates by up-to 40%. With the same existing infrastructure now you support 6x number of users or you can support streaming at High resolution HD instead of SD thus improving the user experience.

Interested to see Vadoo in action ?

Checkout the demo link from here -> Demo .

We provide a neat and intelligent dashboard for you to check the user consumption and the costs involved. You can also configure various options to enable/disable P2P, set upload limit etc.

Want to get started with Vadoo ?

We are a self-serving platform. You can register yourself from this link -> Register , get a token and that's it. Start saving on crucial bandwidth and improving user experience.

We know you would have questions ?

Reach out to us at a@vadoo.tv . We are more than happy to help you in scaling your video streaming solution.